Quantcast Figure  1-23.Dot  matrix  printer  showing  operating  control  panel

Figure  1-23.—Dot  matrix  printer  showing  operating  control  panel. features quickly and easily. The printer we are using as our  example  is  a  dot  matrix  printer  (shown  in  figure 1-23).   Dot   matrix   printers   are   widely   used   with microcomputers  in  the  workspaces.  You  will  become very familiar with their operation. P R I N T E R     O P E R A T I N G     C O N T R O L PANEL.—  The operating control panel shown in figure 1-24  displays  the  buttons  that  control  various  functions along  with  several  indicator  and  warning  lights  that show  you  what  functions  are  currently  in  operation. Listed below are some of the more common CONTROL BUTTONS   and   INDICATOR/WARNING   LIGHTS you are likely to see and use on this type of printer. Control   Buttons. —You   can   set   up   various functions  and  control  printing  functions  by  manually pushing control buttons. To activate the buttons, you must first put the printer in an offline status. Normally, this is done by depressing the online button. ONLINE  BUTTON  The  online  button  allows you to put the printer in either online or offline status. When in online status, the printer is under the   control   of   the   operating   system   and Figure  1-24.—Printer  operating  control  panel. 1-22 applications program.    When  in  offline  status, the printer cannot receive data. LINE-FEED   (LF)   BUTTON   The  line-feed button allows you to advance the printer paper one  line  at  a  time  every  time  you  press  it.  On many printers, if you depress the line-feed button for   more   than   5   seconds,   the   paper   feeds continuously line by line. Regardless of how this button   is   used,   the   internal   line   counter   is incremented accordingly; therefore, the top-of- form position is never changed. FORM-FEED  (FF)  BUTTON  The  form-feed button allows you to advance the printer paper to the  top-of-form  (TOF)  position  (the  top  of  the next  page). TOP-OF-FORM  (TOF)  BUTTON   Pressing the TOF button will advance the printer paper 1 1/2 inches and redefine the location of TOF on the paper. On this particular printer, it will not feed the paper to the TOF position, as it does on many   of   the   high-speed   printers   you   have operated. FONT BUTTON  With the font button you can select   between   fonts,   depending   upon   job requirements. If   no   selection   is   made,   the operating system normally defaults to the courier font. PRINT  MODE  BUTTON   The  mode  button allows  you  to  select  the  quality  of  print.  This


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